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                elcome. We know you're busy. And we don't     

                want to waste your time.

We know we have less than 30 seconds to make an impression and for you to decide if we are a fit or not.

So...the short version is this: (deep breath in)


We got married.

We started careers.
We had four babies (back to back in five years).
We juggled work and family with no childcare.
We struggled in our marriage.

We struggled financially.

We struggled with our health.
We were unhappy.

We were out of shape.

We were stressed.

We were depressed.

We were stuck.
We were losing at the game of life.

Our health, our family, our marriage were all too important for this to go on. So we did something about it. We made a commitment to quit whining, to pick ourselves up, individually, and as a couple, and to make necessary changes. We shared our journey publicly (best thing we ever did, no matter how uncomfortable it was), and not only have we transformed our bodies and our relationship, we've helped hundreds of others do the same.

We're here because this means a lot to us. We've been there. We didn't know where to start, we just knew we needed to start. 

Our marriage has never been better. 

Our bodies have never been fitter.
And we've turned this into a business.
Once deep in credit card debt, personal and auto loans, mortgage and medical debt, we are now debt-free and have earned 7 figures doing this, right here, right now, helping others do the same.


Freedom. That's what it's about. Freedom to feel good, to look good, to do good. Freedom to be home with our kids. Freedom to travel. Freedom to live. Freedom to give. 

Freedom means something different to everyone, so think about what it means to you.

Hey, thanks for reading. Feel free to read more about our story below, or learn more about how your goals might be a match to what we're all about.


The longer version of our story...

If you follow us or stumbled upon us through social media, you might have noticed that we keep it pretty low key about what it is that we actually do. There’s a reason for that.


Because first, we are a husband and wife, an ordinary couple with four ordinary kiddos. We know the stress of life, marriage, juggling careers and babies, and the rush of these milestones that seem to avalanche in our twenties and thirties. We know what it feels like to dream up and create the “perfect little family and life we’ve always wanted” while at the same time losing a piece of who we once were in the process. Alarm clocks, traffic, diapers, debt, food, exhaustion…it all seemed to replace the excitement and enthusiasm that we once had. And it’s on repeat, day after day. The hamster wheel of life.


We look at our lives and all that we had imagined to be perfect, and think, “What the hell just happened? Is this what I signed up for?


This is us. We lived it. We dated. We did the college thing. We got married. We started jobs. We bought a home. We had four babies. It was great! Except for the fact that it wasn’t.

Don’t get us wrong, we are very grateful for this journey, the good and the bad, and our children are our world. We’ve been blessed. But let’s be honest, it truly takes a toll on a person and a couple. We were mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. We had gained weight. We lost our spark. We were tired. As a therapist and a nurse, and parents of four, we were taking care of the needs of everyone else...but ourselves.


We needed a change. And we found it in a late night TV infomercial.

Stay with us here! This is why we mentioned we’re pretty low key about what we do, because our reaction was the same. And ONE, because like we said earlier, first, we’re a couple, we’re parents, we’re in the helping professions…there is so much more to what we are than this single thing. And TWO, if building relationships, building a following, building a team, or building a successful online business meant we would have to solicit and spam friends, family, and strangers, we did not want to be a part of that.


From the very beginning, our goal has been to get to know people and push value…not products, not spam, and not to push people away. We want to share our story, the success and the struggle, that we believe so many can relate to. And we want to genuinely attract and connect with those like us.


We want people to get to know us first, who we are, what we’re like, how we treat others, and why we are here. Because that is what really matters.


Now that we’ve said all that, and you’re still with us, it was an infomercial that helped us make the shift. Here we were, exhausted, overweight, stressed about work, lying in bed after finally getting the kids to sleep, and a home workout program comes on the TV. You've seen them. Fit bodies, nutrition and exercise plan that takes out all the guesswork, and a promise to get our butts in shape and have us feeling great in 60 days. Testimonial after testimonial. Are they real? Photoshopped? Or from something else? (Little did we know that we would be testimonials in the next infomercial. True story.) This was screaming at us through the screen, and for a split second, we thought, “We can do that. We NEED that.” Then…we fell asleep. Only to repeat another day.


It wasn’t until a coworker said something about the same exact program, and that she knew someone else doing it with great results. That night we discussed it again, and said, “Let’s just do it.” (Of course, we were broke and not fully committed, so we borrowed a burned, illegal copy from a friend. Just being honest, because if you’ve ever felt this way, we get it! Keep in mind, the program, the nutrition, the exercise, and the community immediately started changing the way we felt and looked, so we went on to legitimately purchase this and all other programs over time. They’re just that great, and when you put your dollar down, you treat it as such, and you're much more likely to commit.)

LIFE. CHANGING. Our 60 day results blew us away. We were happier. We had more energy. We were actually cooking healthy meals together, more patient with our kids, and our bodies were transforming. Better at our jobs. Better as parents. Better relationship. Hello! Sign us up for another 60 days!


And we did. What started as a 60 day challenge became a lifestyle. 60 days. Then a 90 day program. Then a 30 day program. Short-term commitments with well-designed plans and an online community of accountability truly transformed our lives in the comfort of our home.

We never looked back. It sparked a passion. And now we coach other moms, dads, men, women, and couples that are looking to find themselves again. Our work is simple. We build bodies. We build confidence. We build relationships. We build businesses. We help to duplicate what we have accomplished. And we would love to talk. Shoot a message, say hello, and introduce yourself. We look forward to hearing from you.


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